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Funny Things

When Robert Blargo was a teenager he struggled with being severely uncool. He was teased relentlessly for his high water pants, bowl haircut and laugh that sounds like mating hyenas. Unfortunately for Blargo, this penchant for being uncool followed him into his twenties. Despite his career as an acclaimed taxidermist, his confidence waned. “I felt so awful. All my friends are going to see Batman versus Superman with the girls they met online and I'm alone with no one but my mounted otter, El Chapo to keep me company,” Blargo said.

Recently, Blargo happened upon and bought a t-shirt. “I needed something to wear to my cousin's wedding and I thought it was the perfect mix of fun and elegance, so I bought it. That night I got the numbers from three of the bridesmaids, and two of them were legit,” Blargo said.

“I totally recommend these shirts to anyone who wants to overcome any nerdiness with even bigger nerdiness. It's amazing!”