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Funny Things

In a stunning turn of events on the political front, Mr. Potato Head announced his bid for the Presidency as an “Inspudpendent” just hours after the latest round of caucuses and primaries. “I have no experience, but I adapt easily to any challenge,” Potato Head said.

Political candidates from both Republican and Democratic camps were indignant at the prospect of a third-party candidate. “This guy. I know him. He's terrible.” said Republican front-runner Donald Trump. “He's half-baked, this guy.”

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton lamented that she too was not fond of Potato Head. “In my experience in public service over the past 30 years it's been known that starches are terrible for your health. We can't allow this walking carbohydrate to run the country.”

Mr. Potato Head said he was not deterred by the negative reaction of the candidates to his campaign. “I know, I'm not your typical candidate, but I've got a great shot at this,” he said. “This is America and if we know anything, it's that Americans love potatoes. I've got this in the bag.”