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Funny Things

From used wood pallets to mason jars, the internet Do-It-Yourself crowd has proven they can make anything into a project that is sure to have Pinterest pinners pining. The latest in this trend are foil gum wrappers. “Gum wrappers are great because they can be used shiny side up or down,” said interior-designer Red Wrigley. “I used about 500,000 wrappers to create a tin-ceiling effect in a kitchen just recently and the result was out of this orbit! I mean, hubba bubba, it was gorgeous!”

Another up-and-coming wrap artist, who goes by the name Juicy Fruit, believes the foil wrappers are more artistic. “Whenever I use the wrappers, they just add something extra,” he said. Fruit's projects have graced the covers of Real Simple, Martha Stewart and Oprah's magazine. “My favorite project was an entire room created from wrappers. From the wallpaper to the fixtures and even the furniture, everything was made from wrappers. It smelled amazing in that room.”

Editors Note: We are saddened to report that after our interviews both Wrigley and Fruit were hospitalized with severe TMJ and ordered to never chew another piece of gum.